Unique Home Design Ideas For Small Homes

Unique Home Design Ideas For Small Homes

Home design is the art of decorating or furnishing home spaces with beautiful and fashionable things to make it look healthy and pleasant for the people who are using the space. You definitely give your best to look your home attractive and Beautiful. In a large home, we have space and go for elaborate designs but for smaller homes, we have to think for creative ideas so that the home can look more spacious and roomy.

Creative home design ideas

– Light coloured walls/Adding mirrors

Use light colours like white or cream on the walls to make the space look larger. Avoid using dark colours. Light colours are more reflective and make you feel the space more open and airy. Dark colours on the other hand, absorb light and make the space look smaller. Mirrors can make the room larger because they reflect natural and artificial light and make the room brighter during day and night.

– Storage space under the stairs and stair drawers
You can make cupboards or shelves under the stairs to store things like your shoes, kit bags and anything. You can also make drawers in your staircase and store lot of things. If the stairs are wide enough and straight forward, you can also use the area under the stairs as a working area.

– Furniture with in built storage
Furniture with in built storage serve multiple purposes and are good for small spaces. For ex. A bed or couch with in built storage. Choose furniture that can easily converted easily so that it can be used in another way. Bed cum sofa is of great use for small spaces. A wooden box can be designed in a way so that it can be converted into multiple pieces of furniture like a queen size bed, a storage space or a wall of shelving on that a Television can be placed.

– Curtain or wooden dividers
Curtain or wooden dividers can be used to divide spaces in small homes. For ex, A simple white curtain can act as a divider between a living room and a bedroom. Wooden slats can also be mounted without completely closing the spot. You can use curtains when you want to integrate a sleeping area into a multipurpose space without having a permanent wall.

These are some simple home design tips for small spaces.

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