Some Great Ways Of Displaying A Textile In Your Residence

Some Great Ways Of Displaying A Textile In Your Residence

Amongst the finest keepsakes for bringing back home from far-off tours is a textile. You certainly have the option of sourcing them from a local designer that you like. A textile does more than just fold up well for fitting inside the suitcase as you return home from your trip. It also tells the chronicle of a different time and place. The way that you opt to display it in your residence is your choice. However, just in case you get shivers at the prospect of having to think, this article has some designer-approved concepts for lending a textile lover a hand. Below, we discuss six ways that textile-loving designers would love displaying them.

Many designers have stated their love for the way that framing can showcase the handicraft of a textile. Many designers like an acrylic box frame as it displays the three-dimensionality as well as the texture of a piece. A framed scarf is a great option as it reminds you that a textile can be refined and not simply unprocessed fabric. Another great idea is making a headboard out of a textile by filling it with some padding for making it comfy to lean against.

Spread all over the seat of a sofa
A great idea for those who cannot decide what to do r is spreading a piece of textile all over the seat cushions of a sofa. This will go well with printed curtains. This is a really low-touch application as they come that can have a great impact. Moreover, you don’t have to fund the upholstery. Another option is spreading a piece of material across the backside of the sofa.

Creating poufs from the fabrics
You can upholster Small pieces of fabric into luxurious or structural poufs. A single of these to several provide some much needed added seating for a room that could do with more places for perching.

In the form of window treatments
Many designers harp on using textiles for doing window treatments, more so for a room that has a got a window of a funny shape or a window cut against a wall that could do with some art. Vintage textiles often have odd sizes and thus they can look better as something else.

Hung straight against the wall
By using a textile for covering a pole and subsequently lifting it up for hanging against a wall, you’re going to have an instant piece of art. Many interior designers recommend this idea. Such a piece can make a space warm and cozy.

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