How to Pick the Best Countertops for White Kitchens


Do you have a white kitchen? Many homeowners decide to build a white kitchen because the unique appearance, always look clean. However, it’s not easy to build this style because there are many things need to consider and one of them is to find the best countertops for white kitchens.

countertops for white kitchens

1. Natural wood counters look fit well for a white kitchen. Indeed, wood always become a questionable choice for counters, but this is a good solution than counters with laminate surface. The happiest thing is a low price than manufactured materials or natural stone, a good one for homeowners on a budget.

Natural wood countertops need extra protection. You have to add a reputable water-resistant finish and use silicone at the seams and joints.

2. White domination could create a drab feel, use countertops as an accent. How to do it? Choose black counters! White and black is a classic combination, but it will create something adorable. Black soapstone counters will look welcome in a white kitchen. As an alternative, you might pick black marble.

3. Combine white counters in a white kitchen! It will create a clean look. White counters may come from different materials, for instance white marble or white granite. If you are looking for more budget friendly, consider to choose manufactured materials.


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