4 Master Bathroom Ideas For Small Spaces

How to make a master bathroom in a small space? Well, you have come to the right place as this article will reveal master bathroom ideas for small spaces. Paint The first thing to do is brighten up the small master bathroom. Use a  light cream or taupe to paint the walls. The point is […]

4 Cabinet Ideas For Your Master Bathroom

A master bathroom need a proper cabinet storage to hold all necessary toiletries. This article has four cabinet storage ideas for the master bathroom and you can consider one of them. Vanity A master bathroom looks less attractive without a vanity. Choose the one with a double sink features four-door storage, shelves and drawers, but […]

3 Paint Color Ideas For Master Bathroom

A master bathroom will look more attractive in a nice color scheme. This article has several master bathroom paint color ideas that you can pick and apply. Blue This color comes in many shades, making bathing a pleasing experience which makes it an ideal choice for your master bathroom. Find a color for the walls […]

5 Steps To Renovate A Master Bathroom

Do you feel bored with your master bathroom? Renovation is the best way to bring a new atmosphere! Some people may inquire about the ways to renovate a master bathroom. 1. You need to ask yourself before starting the project. Is the new concept will incorporate existing fixtures or provide new items? You will be […]

Best Shower Area For Modern Master Bathroom

Modern master bathroom renowned for elegant and luxury concept. Placing a bathtub may not the best option as taking too much floor space and shower area become the best solution. How to create a nice  shower area for modern master bathroom? There are three options to choose: a walk-in shower, spa shower or curved wall […]

The Best Plan For Modern Master Bathroom

Do you want to have a modern master bathroom? Unlike the original master bathroom, this style combined with modern touch. How to do it? Spend your time to read modern master bathroom plan below! Shower Avoid placing a bathtub! Modern style renowned as a minimalist look, consider having a walk-in shower installed as the best […]

3 Ideas For Master Bathroom Shower

Are you looking ideas for master bathroom shower? You are now in the right place. Shower area is better than placing a tub, especially if the bathroom is small. However, build a master bathroom without a tub may influence the resale value of a home or apartment, but the choice is in your hands. 1. […]

3 Ideas For A Modern Luxury Master Bathroom

Modern luxury master bathroom become a new trend recently. The combination of luxury master bathroom and modern style presents a unique touch, totally different from others. How to build it? Sinks Consider two sinks installed in the bathroom! These sinks can be on a shared vanity or on separate vanities, depend on the size of […]

Custom-Made Ideas For Master Bathroom Vanity

A master bathroom feel incomplete without a vanity. Although there are some options available on the market, the custom-made still the best choice. Do you have any interest? Here are some master bathroom vanity ideas! 1. If you want to have a contemporary master bathroom design, create a base cabinet for the vanity. Consider a […]

3 Awesome Ideas For Master Bathroom

Master bathroom offers something different from the other designs. If you want to boost the value of your home, consider this design. How to build a nice master bathroom? Here are some ideas you can try. Elegant Do you want to build a modern master bathroom design? Use elegant furniture and accessories. Some of them […]

Best Ideas For Traditional Modern Bathroom

Do you love traditional and modern style? Combine two styles to decorate your bathroom. Nowadays, more and more people get attracted to the concept of traditional modern bathroom. Choose a monochromatic theme by using pale or darker colors. Pick a color based on the size of bathroom. Pale colors will create a spacious illusion, perfect […]

Best Recommendation For Traditional Bathroom Lighting

A traditional bathroom will look more attractive if you install a proper lighting system. Nowadays, traditional bathroom lighting fixtures are easy to find, such as wall sconces, chandelier, faux candle sconces and even the vanity lights. Wall sconce This option available in a variety of finishes such as ceramic bisque, metallic and glazed. So, what […]