Minimalist Way To Home decor

Minimalist Way To Home decor

A perfect, beautiful home is a dream everyone wishes for. But most of the people don’t go for home decor because they think that it can cost a fortune to decorate their houses. Well! That’s a myth. With few neat tricks you can get a pocket friendly home decor. We call it the minimalist home decor.

Let’s decode it one point at a time:
– Walls: We look at the walls all the time. The color of the walls can have a great impact in your home decor. From a minimalist point of view, always go for subdued shades. It looks clean, fresh and gives a sense of calmness. After all getting a sense of relaxation is all you want when you come back home. For warmer look you can go for yellow undertones while for a cooler sense you can go for blue or green undertones. If you want some colors, go for softer or neutral shades that are soft on eyes.

– Keep it simple! You don’t need lots of centerpieces or decorative items to make your home look beautiful. Just some quality furniture properly coordinated with the color of the walls, lamps, flower vases, and some other small pieces can do. Do not overdo it. Remember! Less Is More.

– Use different textures in similar color; pillows, knitted sheets, rugs can add an extra texture to your room making it fulfilling and satisfactory instead of bland or boring. Don’t hesitate to experiment. Your experiments can add extra to what is normal.

– Showcase what you have. May it be books, your old photographs, or your childhood DIY projects, anything that makes you happy just by looking at them.

– Invest in stylish storages. You can keep your beautiful plates and cups in glass racks in an organized manner. These will act as your decorative pieces without investing a penny. Keep your spices in small glass containers and organize it in glass racks. The color of spices can pop up your kitchen in no time.

– Herb it up! Having plants at your house is amazing but you can still play it thoughtfully. You can have plants like basil, mint, thyme, parsley, cilantro and herbs that you look. It will make your cooking delicious and your kitchen look beautiful.

The only trick here is to be organized and small changes at a time and you can get your dream home decor without spending a lot.

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  • Normally I do not like minimal designs, but I like the fifth picture very much. Normally minimalistic designs are a bit exaggerated.

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