Making Your Favorite Dark Colors Work In Petite Spaces

Making Your Favorite Dark Colors Work In Petite Spaces

Small rooms are able to be real decorating challenges and a good number of people try to grab light colors with the hope of giving the room a larger look. Nevertheless, you don’t have to use a light color palette for decorating a small space. It also doesn’t always lend a room a larger look.

Never be afraid of using dark colors the smallest rooms in your residence. With some simple tips, the small spaces of your house are capable of handling the dark color palette.

Do you have a powder room?
This makes the ideal spot for shady colors. Though Powder rooms could be small they are capable of packing a great decorating punch. As this room or a guest bath is not used so often it could take a greater amount of color as well as intrepid accessories. No quantity of light colored paint can conceal the truth that these are tiny spaces. Try to use accessories that put in shine to a dark colored powder room.

Make your foyer dramatic
Make use of a dark color palette for providing your guests with a life-size greeting in your diminutive foyer. A good number of foyers as well as entry halls give way to other rooms. This is reason why the adjacent rooms are going to play the part of balancing dark colors. For those who are not all that keen on changing to a completely dark color palette for their foyers, accent walls or even their ceilings make excellent surfaces for using deep colors.

Convert the formal dining room into an everyday area with color
A pristine color palette along with furnishings can turn your dining space into one that you use the most. A classic combination is a Deep wall color and light upholstery along with accents. A wise move would be to opt for contemporary lighting and accessories to lend a modernized look.

Use Dark colors for the bedroom
There’re several ways of using dark colors for a bedroom that is small. Those who are fond of dark paint while fearing that it is going to overpower the room will be pleased to know that bedding and window treatments of light colors is capable of evening things out. A great way of pairing a wall color that is dark with dark bedding is by choosing textured or patterned bed linens and window treatments.

Make a living room that looks like a cave to a cozy one
All of us are fond of a snug living room. Never shy away from decorating using dark colors. A pleasant balance can be created among dark and light. Instances are painting the ceilings and trimming white, or using pops of intense color in artwork and accessories for creating a bridge among the two excessive.

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