Las Palmas – Biggest City in Gran Canaria!

Las Palmas – Biggest City in Gran Canaria!

Las Palmas is also known as Las Palmas de Gran Canaria which is the biggest city located in Spain. This one is the biggest city located at Canary Islands. At this place you will come across a sub tropical climate. The temperatures here can remain from mild and sometime warm during the day. Throughout the year, this type of climatic condition can be found in Las Palmas. As per some experts, it is mentioned that Las Palmas is the place that enjoys a great climatic condition throughout the year you visit. However, this city is not really regarded as the best and the prettiest city in Spain. Despite this fact such city is always admired by tourists to capture some best photos during their visits at different time of the year. Well, the fact is that cameras never lie. There are really many sights to watch when you are in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Taking photos of those sights and adding them for your holiday album can really make it look gorgeous.

Auditorio Alfredo Kraus:

This place is located at the west end of the beach named as Las Canteras. Here, you can find the statue that belongs to Great Tenor. This statue was built during 1993 to 1997. This place also overlooks the La Cicer which is a part of that Canteras beach. Here, the waves formed at the Atlantic Ocean often drive surfers. At this place you can also go for the opera performances, pop, jazz and rock concerts.

las-palmas-12 Las Palmas – Biggest City in Gran Canaria!

Teatro Perez Galdos:

After Cervantes, Benito Perez Galdos is regarded as the prime name in the literacy circle of Spain. At the Teatro Perez Galdos, you can find several details related to this novelist. There is also a theatre close to this location at Triana where you can opt for the theatrical performances and well as music shows.

Mercado de Vegueta:

It’s the opposite part of the Teatro Perez Galdos where you can find Mercado de Vagueta. This is also the place for the oldest market located in Gran Canaria. This market was established during the year 1856. At this market you can buy and try the fresh fruits and fresh vegetables that are cultivated at the fertile soil of this island.

Casa de Colon:Las-Palmas1 Las Palmas – Biggest City in Gran Canaria!

This place has become popular after Christopher Columbus stopped here during his exploration trip to America. Due to this reason such place is also considered as the best place to start your tour for the rest of the Spain. If you fly the budget airline eight times from ten still you will need to travel for hour to get to public transport from where you can catch the train and bus to your destination.

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