Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces: 2 Ideal Ideas


Kitchen can be a fun place for whole family, especially women because they can spend time try different recipes. If you have a kitchen with small size, don’t be disappointed. There are several ways you can do and try to apply kitchen design ideas for small spaces.

kitchen design ideas for small spacesKitchen design ideas for small spaces can help to make kitchen look more spacious and admirable.

1. Wall.

The first thing you have to do is choose the right paint color. You are strongly advised to choose a bright color so kitchen looks more spacious. Once finished, you should calculate the size and how much furniture needed to be placed inside the kitchen.

If you want to make kitchen wall look more spacious, try installing shelves with small size. You can store some kitchen supplies or ingredients in it. If you feel the kitchen is too narrow to put a cabinet with large size, choose a medium-sized to store cookware.

Alternative way you can try to implement one of the kitchen design ideas for small spaces is take ceiling advantage by installing Ceiling-mounted pot and pan racks. Now, it’s easily found with a variety sizes.

kitchen design ideas for small spaces2. Counters and cabinets.

If you still need some storage space then should be selective when choosing, remember your kitchen is small. Install sliding shelves in cupboards to store some kitchen supplies such as cups, plates, spoons or forks. If you want to put a kitchen cabinet, choose a medium-sized or matched to kitchen size.

To get kitchen look more spacious, try to straighten and save some kitchen appliances that you rarely use. This is appropriate action to make kitchen look neat. That is some things you can apply to do with kitchen design ideas for small spaces. Do you want to build your own dream kitchen? Try reading article about how to design your own kitchen.


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