Ideas For Very Small Master Bathroom


How to decorate a very small master bathroom? Well, a small space prevents you to do a lot of things. However, there are so many ideas to solve this problem.


A very small space will appear larger with a light color on the walls, ceilings and tiles. Choose pale colors instead of dark colors.


Using tiles to cover the floor and walls become the best idea! However, avoid smaller tile squares! They make a very small room seem narrower. Choose large tile squares such as eight or ten large tile squares.


A bathtub will make a very small room appear full. A shower without the sliding plastic or glass doors is the best, but you can install a colorful shower curtain as a replacement.

Pedestal sink

A pedestal sink is better than a vanity sink. Consider hanging a medium-sized mirror right over the sink. Complete the look of sink with stainless steel or pewter faucets.

avoid small tile squares very small master bathroom

pedestal sink faucets very small master bathroom

bathtub shower very small master bathroom

large tile squares very small master bathroom

shower glass door very small master bathroom

pedestal sink  very small master bathroom

slim pedetal sink very small master bathroom

color very small master bathroom

pale colors very small master bathroom

tiles very small master bathroom

dark colors very small master bathroom

separate bathtub shower very small master bathroom

pedestal sink mirror very small master bathroom

shower curtain very small master bathroom

wall mounted very small master bathroom


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