Ideas For Small Modern Master Bathroom


Do you want your small master bathroom looks outstanding? Try modern style! Since you are facing limited floor space, no need to put a tub. Well, there are many ideas for small modern master bathroom!


A vanity sink is not the best choice because it takes up too many essential space. The solution between pedestal sink and vessel sink. Both has a modern look and made of different materials. Pedestal made of porcelain while vessel made of pottery, stone and even glass.


A vanity cabinet can make the room smaller and better to avoid it. Consider installing shelving over the toilet or wall cabinets feature clean lines. If the second one is your final option, pick the one that features sleek handles.


A bathtub doesn’t work for small space. Consider having a walk-in shower installed or maybe a curved wall of glass blocks. Complete the shower with two shower heads.

corner cabinet small modern master bathroom

glass vessel sinks small modern master bathroom

walk-in shower small modern master bathroom

wall mounted vanity small modern master bathroom

shower heads small modern master bathroom

without bathtub small modern master bathroom

glass blocks small modern master bathroom

wall cabinet sleek handles small modern master bathroom

avoid vanity cabinet small modern master bathroom

slim pedestal sink small modern master bathroom

shelving toilet small modern master bathroom

porcelain pedestal sink small modern master bathroom

vessel sink small modern master bathroom


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