Ideas For Small Master Bathroom Remodel


How to remodel a small master bathroom? Many people do this to bring a new atmosphere, but most of them unsure how to get started. Here are some small master bathroom remodel ideas.


You have to remove existing features such as medicine cabinet, the sink and toilet. Prepare all the tools you need especially the screwdriver.

New floor

Update the floors! A small master bathroom will appear wider with larger tile squares, in this matter, you need to avoid smaller tile squares.

Vanity & sink

Choose a pedestal sink to replace the old vanity. Consider a sink made of porcelain featuring brass or stainless steel faucets and handles. Hang a medium-size mirror over the sink and not a medicine cabinet.

Tub & shower

Choose a colorful shower curtain and not the sliding plastic or glass doors.

Wall tile

Instead of removing wall tiles with the new ones, consider to paint them. However, avoid painting the wall tiles on the shower or above the tub, those areas are not recommended.

paint wall tile small master bathroom remodel

sink stainless steel faucet small master bathroom remodel

floors small master bathroom remodel

large squares small master bathroom remodel

medium sized mirror small master bathroom remodel

avoid paint wall tiles small master bathroom remodel

sink brass faucet small master bathroom remodel

avoid small squares small master bathroom remodel

remove cabinet small master bathroom remodel

remove features small master bathroom remodel

glass door small master bathroom remodel

shower curtain small master bathroom remodel

pedestal sink small master bathroom remodel

remove sink small master bathroom remodel

remove toilet small master bathroom remodel


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