Home Design Tricks That Can Make Your Mouth Go Awe

We all love to design our home in a way that can be appreciated by everyone who stops by your place. We all love to get compliments about our Interior Home Designs. But as much exciting as it sounds, the designing part can get tricky sometimes. Choosing the right shade for the walls, the right alignments for the furniture, the paintings, decorative pieces and what not! You might get a bit confused and frustrated in this whole designing process.
To help you out here are some Home Design Tricks to help you to get you moving towards your perfect home:

– Small rooms? No problem! Paint your small rooms with softer colors like light pink, off-white, light blue etc. These color will make your rooms look bigger, brighter and more inviting.
Use lots mirrors and play with their shape and sizes. The reflection of the mirrors will create an illusion of larger rooms and will also give your room an edgy look.

– Your room doesn’t get ample amount of natural light? Mirror can again be a rescue squad here. Mirrors placed at window adds instant light to any room that has shortage of natural lights. Mirrors adds space as well as light to your room, how great is that!

– Got some old stuffs? It is well said, OLD is GOLD! Mix and match your old stuff with some of modern artifacts. This will give your home that uniqueness you are craving.

– Want something different to showcase? Create a book-shelf. Paint it with beautiful colors and show off your collection with pride.

– Go DIY! You never get old to do some Do It Yourself home design projects. Make your own decorative pieces. This will show off your own uniqueness that no one will find in the market.

– Plant it up! Confused what decorative pieces to buy? Buy plants and Go Green. The green is proven to sooth your eyes and make you feel happier. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollar to make your place beautiful, you just need plants.

– Add a life! You can get a fish bowl or an aquarium to add that extra livingness to your homes. Various studies have proved that pets helps people out stress and make them feel happy and good. It will be a friend that makes your house look beautiful. What more can you ask for!

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