How to Use Feng Shui for Chinese Living Room Style


Living room is a special place and you should carry out a design with peace and comfort nuances for people who come to your home. Chinese living room style can do it for you. With Feng Shui, living room will radiate positive aura and give big effect on mood, both for homeowner or your guests.

Chinese living room

1. First, you need to bring Feng Shui elements, e.g. put a living plant represents the earth element. This will give a positive effect and healthy energy. If there is no fireplace in your living room, set up some orange or red candles represent the fire element.

Soothing sound came from small indoor fountain will pamper your guests, it represents the water element. While the wood element, you need to put the furniture made of wood.

2. Get rid of everything that looks messy, a great way to open the space. The furniture layout is very important, so do not make the layout interfere with the entry of positive energy and natural light.

3. It is good not to put decoration in large numbers, stay on minimalist concept. However, you may choose decorations that have meaning and able to give you peace.

The most important thing is keep an eye on element balance in the living room. Avoid combination of elements such as wood and fire because giving bad effects. Thus, Feng Shui is important in Chinese living room style. Consult the experts for the best result.


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