Designing Your Kitchen

Designing Your Kitchen

Everyone wish to have a designer home and for this they may choose some architecture who can make their wish come. Some people have already have their home design in their mind so they can also share this with the architecture they appoint.

Things to keep in mind:
While designing your functional kitchen in your home design, you should keep mind the concept of ‘working triangle’ that is, the distance between your kitchen sink, stove and fridge. The L- shaped kitchen will lends itself perfectly to the triangular tip, being the two sides of a triangle to begin with. The L-shaped layout will work the best with small and medium sized spaces, that fly closer to work triangle efficiency guideline of spreading workstations in not more than 1200mm apart. A great kitchen is not about rules though, it is about how the space feels and how it inspires you to create a fabulous food. This collection will bring an ideas for cabinet placement, shelving designs, statement backsplashes, eating areas and more. Now let us see how they all will work:

Heavily patterned backsplash and the zoned flooring are stars of the show of this colourful kitchen. A small semi-circular breakfast bar can been implemented at the one side of room which will allow guests to socialise with the person who is cocking, and will also work as a spot for quick snack and early morning coffee.

The L-shaped kitchen layout with a corner window can be dominated by a colour block of solid colour. The rectangle will overlaps the one half of the wall cabinet, and it will ends up across the window glass as a coloured film. The same coloured kitchen accessories will complement the strong accent.

Implement striking the design features to unite each of the arm of kitchen. The black box shelf can underlines the wall cabinets on the one wall of the kitchen, and another can form an end point to a line of pale cabinets on the other side.

Colour of the kitchen:
The sweet little greykitchen can be warmed up with gold cabinet handles and with natural wood accessories. A table with drop leaf will makes a great addition to your small kitchen, allowing eating space to maximised or minimised in an instant.

Fresh air:
A large picture window can be made which is looking out to the garden will be hugely satisfying. To match the window frame with the colour of the kitchen and with its accessories fitted in the kitchen.

All this can be done to make your kitchen look beautiful, other element can be added be to make the best home design.

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