Choose Pedestal Sink For Small Master Bathroom


Sink is one of the important elements of any bathroom design, especially for a small master bathroom. A bulky vanity with storage is not the best option because it takes up important floor space. The pedestal sink is an ideal choice because it opens up the space.

There are so many pedestal sinks on the market, so be careful when choosing one for small space. The most recommended option is the slim pedestal because makes the bathroom clean and sleek. Another option is the one with a deep sink and a narrow base. In this matter, you need to avoid a wide one.

Sink made of porcelain can be a great addition. Complete the look with pewter or brass faucets and handles that will create a more modern appearance. Consider hanging a medium-size mirror over the sink to give depth to a small space. If you need extra storage, consider hanging shelving over the toilet. Done!

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