Bologna – Simplest Italian City!

Bologna – Simplest Italian City!

The city of Bologna is always considered as one of the simplest city in Italy that you will love to visit during your trip to this country. This city is also popular for its size as well as importance. As the city is easy to visit, most travelers coming here are considering this as an appealing place to spend some days. If you are among those who love to go for quality cuisines, then the ergonomic capital of Italy is all set to deliver you the best experience during your tour. The prime foods that attract everyone to the city are sausages and pasta. So, you should try some of these specialties of Bologna when you are here. This is one of the older city here and lots of people love coming here and have a good time with friend and family this is one of the best options, if you are looking for a good vacation and there is something for everyone , you can really have a great time if you plan the trip well and all things are in place and that is the need of the hour. Once you can do that then thing will be much better. So people are not even sure what to pack and what to leave if you are one of those confused traveler, be careful to plan things well n advance you your tour is safe and that are no problem and this is a very important thing.

bologna-9 Bologna – Simplest Italian City!

This city is also loaded with the most unique character and this you need to experience when you are here. The city of Bologna is packed with fabulous old shops, architectural landmarks and the interesting brick works that can draw your attention at your first sight. There are also cafes located in this city which are considered as the superb eateries where you can order and have your foods under a perfect environment. The quality of food is very good and you will not regret coming here is it one of the best and you will have a good time here with friends and family. So what are you waiting for just book the tickets and be here and have a great time of your life and there can be nothing better.

Piazza del Nettuno and Piazza Maggiore:

These are the two famous streets of Bologna that meets each other to create a perfect place where you can hang out with friends. This is a perfect place to chat and have fun with friends and family members. Right at the heart of this city, you will get the chance to meet your friends and dear ones. It’s the Neptune Fountain located at the Piazza del Nettuno is the perfect place for hang out.

San Petronio;

It is also known as Basilica of San Petronius. The building work for this massive church was started during the year 1390 at a side of the Piazza Maggiore. Initially this church was designed with an intention to look bigger than the St Peter church in Rome. However, this was not possible for the workers to make this church look bigger than St Peter’s locate in Rome. The building work for this church was not completed and the façade remained as the incomplete one.

Leaning Towers:

The Leaning Tower of Pisa may be the most famous one. But in Bologna, there are two towers which appear to be tilted with a higher degree to the ground. These are the narrow towers. These are designed as the watch towers from where movement of the enemy can be observed.

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