The Best Ideas to Have Tuscan Bathroom


Never let your bathroom look monotonous. Maybe you think this room doesn’t need a touch of stylish design, you are totally wrong! The bathroom is not a place to cleanse the body from dirt and sweat, but a place to relax.

Tuscan bathroom ideas

Working all day make you stress and go to the bathroom to freshen up is a good idea. However, bathroom with monotony design make you unable to enjoy the time to relax, even let your body soaking in warm water in the bathtub. You need to try Tuscan style bathroom! Looking for Tuscan bathroom ideas is an easy job, thanks to the internet.

Tuscan bathroom is famous for rustic and warm nuances, use colors such as olive green, ocean blue, gold or terracotta. If you want a classic display for a Tuscan bathroom, seal the walls with a light gold color and mix with a deep Mediterranean blue as an accent.

Make additional textures to give the impression of aged stone-walls and in this case, you need to create a stucco treatment on the walls. Use a distressing technique to make the vanity and cabinets look older.

Use the stone floors to strengthen the Tuscan style, you may choose marble although expensive. However, you may use ceramic tile if you have limited budget, but you have to spend your time looking for ceramic tile that has a look like marble or stone flooring.

Apparently, looking Tuscan bathroom ideas is an easy job, right? You can get more information by using the internet! Learn first before implementing it.


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