7 Steps to Build Indoor Koi Pond!

7 Steps to Build Indoor Koi Pond!

Indoor ponds are often built to give beauty to home interiors and there are some people who make it to keep the fish, turtles or aquatic plants. But most people really like to keep the fish, especially Koi. Previously, there are some things about indoor koi pond you should know before building it. Let’s discuss it one by one!

1. Pick an area or place that get enough light, especially sunlight. You can also give artificial UV light so you can enjoy Koi fish in the evening.

2. In order get easier to do maintenance, choose a place next to door, window or sink. Maintenance isn’t much different from the aquarium and we must replace the water to maintain quality.

3. If you make an indoor pond by using a container, choose a solid floor area.

4. Make your pool design according to your interests. There are many guide books about this matter.

5. Maintaining water quality is paramount, that is why you should buy high-quality filtering system. If water quality isn’t maintained properly then could give bad odor. Before buying, consider about the sound and size!

6. Don’t forget to build the frame. You can also decorate the pond with the trappings to make it look more attractive.

7. The final step is place pond liner on the frame and overlaying it with plywood. Done!

That’s seven steps to get indoor koi pond. If you are happy to keep the turtle, read article about how to make an indoor pond for turtles.

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