6 Small Bedroom Design Ideas for Women


If you don’t have bedroom with large size, you can decorate bedrooms with small size and get satisfactory result.

small bedroom design ideas for womenThere are several small bedroom design ideas for women which could become a reference for you, namely:

1. Because bedroom size is small then you must put furniture with adjustable size. Any furniture should be measured so not make room feel cramped, choose a medium or small sized with clean lines.

2. Change bedroom color if you want a more convenient. Choose light colors to make the room look bigger. If you want feminism color, light pink or lilac color could be the right choice as part of small bedroom design ideas for women.

3. Make your bed look cozy. You can customize bed sheet color adjusted with dominant color in the room. Choose bed sheet made from fabric that comfortable for you.

small bedroom design ideas for women4. Make bedroom look bigger by put the curtains on ceiling and pick long one until reach the floor.

5. Because you are a single woman, put some accessories to give feminism impression. But must be remembered, don’t put too many accessories in the bedroom because can look messy.

6. Don’t forget to hang a big mirror in the bedroom, it is part of a small bedroom design ideas for women and can make bedroom feel larger. Choose a mirror with frame accordance to bedroom decor.

One tip to make bedroom feel more spacious is put versatile furniture. That is some small bedroom design ideas for women can be applied. Do you want to find other ideas? Try reading an article about bedroom design ideas for women.


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