5 Tips How to Build Small Room for 2 Kids


Living in a small house or small apartment brings many challenges! Space limitations make you to observant in decorating and make the most of. Typically, small house or small apartment doesn’t have much room, you will confuse if you have 2 children while there is only one room left for them.

small room for 2 kids

The surprising thing is you will have small and cramped room. What would you do? Well, don’t worry because you will get tips to create small room for 2 kids, such as:

1. Begin to choose a bed. It’s really impossible to put 2 beds in a small room, you should consider bunk beds.

small room for 2 kids

2. You need a place to create storage features, take advantage of available space underneath your bed. Buy cloth bins to store children’s clothes, or provide plastic containers to store their belongings. Make sure the container size is fit to put under the bed.

small room for 2 kids

3. Take advantage of vertical space on the wall to build storage such as cabinets or shelves. Provide two storages so they can store personal items without making a fuss.

4. Decorate the walls using cool colors. You will find any difficult in this case, children have different tastes to choosing a color, discuss together with them to find the best solution.

small room for 2 kids

5. To avoid confusion, place furniture and furnishing which serve as major.

Runs small room for 2 kids aren’t easy, there are many challenges ready for you!


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