5 Ideas Make Cool Bedroom for Men with Modern Touch


A grown man, especially bachelors, not only wants a comfy bedroom, but a place with impression of cool and masculine. How to make a cool bedroom for men? Of course, everything related to a man’s world must be available in the room. Try to look at the following ideas:

cool bedroom ideas for men

1. Men don’t like too many cushions fill the bed. They just want a comfortable mattress with two or three pillows. Sturdy and strong bed frame is their main dream, especially made of dark woods.

2. There are three colors represent the personality of a man, especially for modern design such as: black, gray and chocolate brown.

3. Make accent wall as a focal point, use a charcoal gray to make it.

4. If the color isn’t quite to create draw attention, please hanging wall art. For example, black and white art print or painting.

5. Provide a place to store all the stuff. Modern impression must not look messy, it’s against the rules.

Modern design is able to appealing many men because this style has something different. Small or large bedroom can apply without any problems, as long as make careful planning beforehand. Furniture with multiple functions will reinforce modern style. In fact, men really like the furniture because will not take up much space. One of cool bedroom ideas for men is prepare a space for personal entertainment such as flat screen TV and DVD player.


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