4 Steps to Decide Small Room for Girl


It’s not easy to decorate a small room for girl and many people are running out of ideas to renovate. In fact, a small room isn’t able to load all items desired by your daughter. In fact, she loves to keep something valuable and believed to beautify the room decor.

You don’t have to worry because there are a few tricks able to overcome problems associated with limited space.

small room for girl

1. Don’t clutter the room with large size furniture, because narrowing the space. Put furniture based on needs, such as bed, chest of drawers and small nightstand.

small room for girl

2. Choose a color that can reflect light, give it on ceilings and walls. Due to small space, it isn’t advisable to use dark colors, some of them can absorb light and make the room look smaller. The best option is choosing a light color.

small room for girl

3. Besides furniture, you shouldn’t put too many furniture. Put on a needs basis! Reduce some items with no function and make the room look busy.

small room for girl

4. Arrange or organize everything becomes paramount for small room. Use creativity to determine a layout for furniture and furnishings. Provide a plastic container to store various small items. If there is available space underneath the bed, use to put extra storage.

Make a small room for girl requires proper plan. Note room condition and talk with your daughter to get a design according to taste.


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