Four Paint Ideas for Girls Room with Different Effects


Paint ideas for girls room not only dominated by pink color! Today, there are many colors for girls room has progressed much different. Some modern colors are successfully giving unique touch. Are you curious to know? In this article we will discuss further about in bedroom paint ideas for girls.

paint ideas for girls room

1. Girls not only just love pretty colors but they also want to get bright colors to adorn their room. Some pastel colors such as blue or pink, purple or yellow can look like a cute choice.

2. As they get older, girls started to like a specific color suits their personality. Before change the rooms, ask about their desire beforehand. Take time to discuss with them about the color want to apply, what are advantages and disadvantages.

paint ideas for girls room

As a parent, you have a very crucial role in giving them guidance. Make sure they like the choice, as well as you.

paint ideas for girls room

3. The best color choice should consider room condition. Don’t give a light color on a large room because may give bad impression makes it look more spacious. Try to apply dark color with some elements for other colors.

paint ideas for girls room

4. Color not only able to apply for walls, try to consider about ceilings and trim. Paint ideas for girls room can also combine with decals and murals to create a theme makes girls even more happy to stay in the room.


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