3 Steps Before Run Finished Basement Ideas Design


Basement is a multifunctional room! Besides serves as a warehouse to store old stuff, we can transform it into an extra room. However, transforming basement requires appropriate preparation so become more comfortable to live. What is finished basement ideas design need to apply?

finished basement ideas design

a. Before decorate a basement, there are a few things should get fixed, from walls and floors. Basement often humid so easily and should be resolved properly. To get optimal result, hire a professional!

b. Walls in the basement usually coated with a dual system to prevent water, moisture and prevents heat. Meanwhile, floor can use waterproof matting to keep a balance between hot and cold.

finished basement ideas design

c. Air circulation system in basement is less healthy because humid, put a dehumidifier and air conditioning to maintain air quality!

After do all three things above, begin to change basement function. Some people turn it into an extra bed or living room.

finished basement ideas design

1. Make an extra bed is very easy and probably it’s the same as making your own bed. Determine a theme, colors and furniture. Because the site is underground, scenery or beach theme is perfect choice, we can make a mural or install stencils.

finished basement ideas design

2. Family room presents a different privacy. We can watch a movie and install home theater stereo without heard by neighbors. Even a party and put music loudly without disturbing the neighbors next door.

But remember, before running those two ideas above, do finished basement ideas design to bring comfort and safety.


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