3 Ideas to Have Small Bathroom in a Country Style


If you want to renovating, you need to set aside the funds because the bathroom is a plush room in your home. Moreover, small bathroom restrict you to do something. You do not have many options for renovating.

small country bathroom ideas

Perhaps, you are bewilderment to change the decor or renovate. Tiny room is indeed restricts some ideas, but there are many ways to do it. You may follow small country bathroom ideas below:

1. The first thing to give a touch of decoration is dressing the bathroom wall. Perhaps, put up wallpaper is a bad idea. However, there is another alternative such as putting a photograph, drawing, painting or cutouts of attractive wallpaper. Before hang them on the walls, you may put into a frame.

2. It is easy find a wide variety of accessories in a country motif. However, there is the cheapest way to enhance your bathroom. No need to buy expensive and fancy accessories! Make a bathroom curtain from patchwork, floral arrangements on copper vase and put it above the vanity.

3. Another way to reinforce a country nuance is giving a typical fragrance. It’s easy to find candles, oils or perfumes that represent the feeling of the country, for instance seek fragrances scented cookies or apples.

Apparently, it is easy to apply small country bathroom ideas. In fact, no need to prepare a lot of cash.


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