3 Simple Small Room Design Ideas for Teenage Girls with Cheap Costs


If you bored with the same room each year, begin to change its decor. Although the room you have is small, it will bring a challenge because you can apply small room design ideas for teenage girls. Change the decor for a small bedroom can get done easily as long as carefully as making a plan.

a. Let’s start with color. It’s regarded as one important element can make a room look spacious and large. Selection should get done with caution, even highly recommended by using the same color. Applying different colors to give a nice effect but if it is wrong to apply, it could be dangerous.

small room design ideas for teenage girls

Some things need to consider before apply color:

1. Wall

2. Floor

3. Bed linens

4. Accessories

Use bright colors to decorate the room as can bring good perfect effect that makes the room bright and spacious.

small room design ideas for teenage girls

b. Don’t put too much furniture and accessories. There are many accessories and furniture with unique designs and funny, sometimes tempt you to buy it. Stop! Don’t buy things with no function for your room. Therefore, choose furniture and accessories that suit your needs.

small room design ideas for teenage girls

c. Use mirror as a small bedroom design ideas for teenage girls. Choose the size suits your needs. It can reflect light and open space. Medium mirror will help you to get dressed up and ready to go out.


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