3 Ideas For A Modern Luxury Master Bathroom


Modern luxury master bathroom become a new trend recently. The combination of luxury master bathroom and modern style presents a unique touch, totally different from others. How to build it?


Consider two sinks installed in the bathroom! These sinks can be on a shared vanity or on separate vanities, depend on the size of bathroom. Pick a sink that create a modern look, such as vessel sinks made of pottery, stone or glass.

Built-in cabinetry

Choose wall cabinets and a vanity made of dark wood, make sure they are made with clean lines. Choose the one with straight and sleek handles. Consider cabinets that feature frosted glass to add an attractive look.


A walk-in shower is a good option and will look great with two shower heads installed. Consider having a curved wall of glass blocks installed as the alternative or a spa shower with a rainfall shower head installed on the ceilings.

vessel sink modern luxury master bathroom

frosted glass modern luxury master bathroom

walk in shower modern luxury master bathroom

two sinks modern luxury master bathroom

glass blocks modern luxury master bathroom

sink separate vanities modern luxury master bathroom

built-in cabinetry modern luxury master bathroom

sink shared vanities modern luxury master bathroom

modern luxury master bathroom two shower heads

sink modern luxury master bathroom

rain shower head modern luxury master bathroom

dark wood vanity modern luxury master bathroom

dark wood cabinets modern luxury master bathroom

handles modern luxury master bathroom


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