3 Ideas Changing a Dining Room into Country Style


Dining room is a place to gather with friends and family, a place to enjoy delicious cuisine. Due to this is a special room, give a touch of decoration to show off your personal style. This is a step to delight your family.

country dining room ideas

Country style is able to work well for your dining room. You may follow for country dining room ideas, such as:

1. You can create a mural to bring country theme to the dining room. There are two options available, you can make your own or hire a professional. The second option is very makes sense for them who do not have a talent to portray a mural. Create a mural related to country theme and it’s not hard to imagine an example. If you aren’t interested in the mural, choose a color scheme that represents a country style.

2. Choose country furniture, this is applicable to chairs, tables and other pieces for your dining room. Choose furniture made out of wood, use a rustic bench as a substitute for chairs. Looking for country furniture does not mean buying a new one. For a limited budget, buy secondhand furniture is more than enough. However, you can also transform the furniture you already have, into country look by using sandpaper.

3. As one of country dining room ideas, you may replace the light fixture with chandelier to reinforce the theme.


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