2 Ideas Renovate a Cute Bedroom for Teenage Girls


Right now, you are a teenage girl, not a little girl anymore. Your bedroom needs a new twist, a different atmosphere without showing a childish impression. Despite this, a cute bedroom is a dream for teenage girls, how to make it happen?

cute bedroom ideas for teenage girls

In this article, there are many cute bedroom ideas for teenage girls and totally easy to run. There are two themes bring flexibility, generate creativity.

1. Studio apartment theme

Bedroom is a private area, a place to store secrets, and enjoy privacy. Try a studio apartment theme! Place your bed in a comfortable area, alongside with a bedside table, mirror and dresser. Separate sleeping area by installing a wall-to-wall curtain system.

Prepare an entertainment area by put a small couch, a TV and a DVD player. If possible, buy a mini fridge. Don’t forget to create a work zone. Decorate your bedroom with a variety of accessories, wall art, bedding, throw pillows and area rugs with a cute design.

2. A pink bedroom

Pink is the most memorable color for you, although considered a childish color, but there is a way to cope it. Cover walls with stripes, either horizontal or vertical. Use two shades of pink, pair with two neutral colors such as gray and white. Next, choose bedding with pink stripes, as well as curtains. Decorate the room with a variety of accessories in pink shades. This is one of amazing bedrooms for teenage girls.

Actually, carry out cute bedroom ideas for teenage girls are totally easy, as long as you still innovate.


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