Living Room Curtain for Filtering Sunlight

How is your living room in the afternoon? Does it look dazzled and feel hot? Indeed, if there is glass window or door in your living room, the sunlight is easier to come to your living room. It makes your living room look dazzled and feel hot. Of course, you are not comfortable with it. […]

White Leather Sofa: A Good Furniture for Your Living Room

Living room is a special room for gathering with family. You can have a nice discussion while having meals in the living room. That’s why you need to create a comfort in your living room. Comfort of living room is related to the seats. Choosing white leather sofa can be a good idea for you. […]

Minimalist Living Room for Small Space

When you want to design a living room, the first that you should know is about the space. How wide is your space? The design of living room in spacious space will be different from the design of living room in small space. If you only have a small space, it will be better if […]

Monochrome Living Room: It’s Ordinary but Beautiful

What is the room that becomes a center of home? Of course, living room is the answer. Your living room should be designed nicely to make it feel more comfortable. Sometimes, homeowners want to have an ordinary living room design. There are not too many colors that applied for living room interior. Monochrome living room […]

Colorful Living Room: Get the Cheerful Atmosphere

Color is something essential for anything, one of them is for living room interior. When you want to design living room interior, you have to decide what color that you will apply. Color influences to the atmosphere of living room. Do you want to get the cheerful atmosphere? It’s time for you to create colorful […]

Create an Interesting Look through Black and Red Living Room Interior

Do you like black and red? I think they are two nice colors. I like both colors. Black is a neutral color that describes about the elegance. Meanwhile, red is a bright color that describes about the braveness. These both colors are very nice if combined. And, it can be applied into anything, for example interior. If you want to try applying black and red for home interior, you can choose one of rooms. Let’s try to apply black and red interior. Living room is the best place to have gathering time with family. That’s why you have to make your living room look interesting. Through black and red living room interior, you can create an interesting look. The main point in black and red living room interior is black and red must become the dominant colors. You can apply those both colors to furniture, wall, or decoration. Then, you can add a little another color for combination. If you want to apply this one, you can see some images below first.

Having Nostalgia through Classic Living Room

Modern era forces people to have a modern lifestyle in many things. However, some people still want to feel the atmosphere of classic style. They bring it into many things, for example home design. If you want to bring classic style into your home, of course, you have to make all parts of home into classic look. One of them is living room. So, how is the look of classic living room? Classic living room brings you into past decades. You can have nostalgia through classic living room. Absolutely, it is different from some living room designs that exist in this modern today. It is supported by many kinds of classic items, such as furniture, decoration, lighting, and color scheme. Do you want to have classic living room? Some images below can be your references.

Modern Living Room: Get the Sophisticated Look!

In this modern era, all the things have changed, for example home design. Many homeowners want to have home design that looks more modern. Of course, all parts of home should be designed into modern style. One of them is living room. How is the look of modern living room? Modern living room absolutely looks different from another design. It looks more sophisticated. It is also supported by modern items, such as furniture, decoration, lighting, texture of paint, etc. Just bring it to your home and you will find a comfort of modern living room! You can see these images below for reference.

Ideas For Very Small Master Bathroom

How to decorate a very small master bathroom? Well, a small space prevents you to do a lot of things. However, there are so many ideas to solve this problem. Color A very small space will appear larger with a light color on the walls, ceilings and tiles. Choose pale colors instead of dark colors. […]

Ideas For Small Modern Master Bathroom

Do you want your small master bathroom looks outstanding? Try modern style! Since you are facing limited floor space, no need to put a tub. Well, there are many ideas for small modern master bathroom! Sink A vanity sink is not the best choice because it takes up too many essential space. The solution between […]

Choose Pedestal Sink For Small Master Bathroom

Sink is one of the important elements of any bathroom design, especially for a small master bathroom. A bulky vanity with storage is not the best option because it takes up important floor space. The pedestal sink is an ideal choice because it opens up the space. There are so many pedestal sinks on the […]

Ideas For Small Master Bathroom Remodel

How to remodel a small master bathroom? Many people do this to bring a new atmosphere, but most of them unsure how to get started. Here are some small master bathroom remodel ideas. Remove You have to remove existing features such as medicine cabinet, the sink and toilet. Prepare all the tools you need especially […]